My New Year's Eve Reading: 2019

"What's going on with me?" Ten of Swords


 I made a drastic decision in December. I spent the month not knowing what was going on with me but I stayed with it because I felt I had no choice: something had happened inside me. 

I asked the cards: “What’s going on with me?” The Ten of Swords spoke. This dramatic card made everything clear! One day I woke up and said, “I’m done.” 

Reflecting upon this card over the last month, I realize that the tenth sword went through my shoulder, through my heart and into my soul. I became aware of myself and my voice. I realized that it had been there all along. I wasn’t alone. I wasn’t’ broken. My spirit had not been severed as I had believed.

I have been walking around with swords in my back for years. Many will be at least 50 years old! According to the system of numerology that I use, I am entering a Year Two: A year of Personal Work, Inner Connection. The timing of everything is very strange. 

This card has kept me present, aware and committed. It might help people in my life who don’t understand. 

Some people say they’re afraid to get their cards read because they don’t want to know the future. To me, the cards are all about the present.  

I’m sharing this reading with you to help to learn. Stay tuned for Card Two….there are 4 cards in all. 

"What started this?" The Magician


I had been so “done” before but I always changed my mind, went back, got talked out of it, rationalized, explained, negated, ignored etc. 

This time was different: Upon receiving this card, I believe a real solution was delivered to me just before waking one morning. The Magician, dropped an idea into my mind….or was it my soul?? A message from Heaven was deposited directly into my brain…or was I finally listening to my voice?? I opened my eyes and said, “of course..……I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before!” I got up and began to change things for good. 

On a more psychological level, The Magician is a shape-shifter, an illusionist. I realize now that I have been a shape shifter…..not speaking my truth, not listening to my voice and all that stuff. It will be part of my work to heal for sure. 

"What are my resources?" Ten of Wands


 Cards Three and Four: The Ten of Wands and Strength

I asked the cards: “What are my resources?”

Like I said before, I had been so “done” so many times before and got distracted. 

The dramatic Ten of Wands is my reminder….my commitment..….my reasons….my cries….my frustrations… load. 

The Strength card keeps me patiently and respectfully committed even though it’s so-hard-to-do-this

"What are my resources?" Strength