Insight. Understanding. Action.


Why get a reading with Valerie?

A reading with Valerie offers you insight, confirmation, advice, direction and/or general information.   It offers you understanding about the past, the present and the future, relationships, issues, troubles.   A reading can lead to clear and confident action.   

A reading can empower you!


How it works....What to expect

Valerie combines the science of numbers with the beauty of the Tarot. Using your date of birth, she connects your 'numbers' with partner energies from the deck.  Finally, you will shuffle the deck and the cards will be presented as your learning continues.  The whole process is loving, supportive and empowering.  Hi


Who is Valerie?

Valerie is an intuitive tarot card reader/numerologist from Hamilton, Ontario.  She has been reading for 15 years.  She has studied with James Wells, Brigit Esselmont, Kim Wilborn, her talented sisters and various angels and spirits around her.  She reads cards and teaches tarot from her home in the ‘East End’, attends spiritual shows and is always reading and learning about numbers and the tarot.  Valerie  loves to sit in her garden and walk her puppy, Mr. Watson.  She is an Empress and sees beauty in the world.  

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Empowerment Tarot & Numerology

Valerie Inksetter

Hamilton, ON.

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